REE-Magnesium INC. is a CVMR® Texas Company





REE-Magnesium Inc, a CVMR® Texas company, is using its market position to establish a reliable U.S. Strategic Metals, including Rare Earth Elements Supply Chain for the United States.

CVMR’s Chairman, Kamran Khozan, was invited to participate in the Carbontech event organized by Energy & Environment Canada and Columbia University Center for Global Energy Policy (CEGP), at the Canadian Consulate in NYC on 25 March 2019.

It is our proprietary technology and innovative focus that makes us versatile and resistant to micro-economic fluctuations that can influence markets across many industries.

Our operation as a world-class refinery fills an essential role in the US economy’s primary sector. Our unique refining processes can produce high purity metals and manufactured parts from the extracted raw materials.

As an innovation leader, it is our obligation to provide information and knowledge-based services to the industries we serve and supply our products to.

Our Vision: Refine metals for an independant more prosperous future

Our refineries produce various metal products for diverse markets.

  • Metals used in batteries;
  • 3D printing;
  • Metal Injection Molding (MIM);
  • Aerospace and automotive parts manufacturing;
  • Nano powders;
  • Net Shapes;
  • Medical Instruments;
  • Computer parts;
  • Molds and tools;
  • Superalloys;
  • Sophisticated complex shapes for use in the defense and space industries.

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