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Our goal to impact positive change drives our innovation and excellence. REE-Magnesium’s corporate trajectory is set by our vision, which ensures a continuously evolving business model that promotes sustainable development.

REE-Magnesium is committed to continuous development and innovation to reduce our global carbon footprint.

CVMR is a pioneer in the refining industry. They hold over 150 patents, many of which are specific to better processes and technologies to reduce the industry’s global negative footprint. CVMR’s Innovation in the industry has positioned  REE Magnesium to provide critical minerals to the United States responsibly, which would otherwise come from industrial peers with a much more hazardous operation.

Our innovative goals focus on processing the critical minerals our modern world relies on–without sacrificing the health of our planet. It is a privilege to utilize CVMR’s processes and technologies and work with them as a CVMR company to further innovate upon their current achievements.

CVMR has invented a CO2 capturing technology that is capable of turning CO2 , methane and coal to graphene and graphite.

An essential link in restoring a domestic U.S. rare earth supply chain.

Our refined metal products attract highly sophisticated industries with high paying industrial jobs. Our products support and indeed create new, secondary, and tertiary industries in the proximity of our refineries.

In REE-Magnesium Inc’s Corporate responsibility plan for 2021, “Empower Change–Refining the Future,” we will develop Centers of Excellence in emerging markets. Our Centers of Excellence will promote collaboration amongst academic, industrial, government, and business entities. The Centers of Excellence will provide an institute for education, collaboration, and innovation through the development of advanced materials and innovative technologies.

REE-Magnesium Inc is an Essential link in restoring a domestic U.S. rare earth supply chain. Our products are vital to every sector. As global innovation and development grow, a reliable supply of strategic metals and rare earth elements is essential to a nation’s economy, without adequate supply industries could digress in such diverse sectors as aerospace, electronics, medical, defense, automotive industries.

REE-Magnesium Invests in and engages the communities it operates in.

REE-Magnesium creates Centers of Excellence in the United States in partnership with local universities to facilitate closer collaboration between various corporation and universities that are interested in our technologies and further research and development in vapour metallurgy.

Centers of Excellence promote advanced collaboration with the academia, industry, government, and business entities that rely on new technologies and the development of advanced materials.

REE-Magnesium embraces opportunities to engage the communities it serves. They are platforms for instilling seeds of knowledge that develop into tomorrow’s solutions. Our engineering, and scientific teams are active in their communities across the globe to educate young engineers in advance technologies.

Our Vision: Refine metals for an independant more prosperous future

REE Magnesium Inc. and CVMR®: Leading the Supply of Critical Metals and Rare Earth Elements to the U.S.

Magnesium as a more efficient and safer alternative to lithium in rechargeable batteries – used in electric cars and electronic devices.

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