REE-Magnesium INC. is a CVMR® Texas Company





REE Magnesium is transforming industry practices to eliminate the environmentally damaging metals refining processes.

We offer a new refining standard that protects National Security and the Environment — concurrently building international relationships to become the leading advisor for the Rare Earth Element and Strategic Metals Industry.

Our vision is to advance the strategic metals industry to meet the environmental and technological challenges of the future. Our innovations will accelerate environmental and social sustainability, while accelerating the advancement and growth of the markets, communities, and economies we service.

We have developed the best and cleanest refining technology to date. We are doing things better, quicker and cleaner than our industry peers. Our market position has increased exponentially. Our sphere of influence allows us to impact positive changes, environmentally, economically and socially.

Our Vision: Refine metals for an independent more prosperous future

Meeting with the President and 5 Ministers in Juba, South Sudan

REE-Magnesium Inc and CVMR Making History In the Strategic Metal and… Virtual Strategy Magazine

REE-Magnesium inc, a CVMR® Texas company employes the same technologies used to produce the high purity tubes that CVMR proudly supplied. 

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