REE-Magnesium Inc. is a CVMR® Texas Company


Producing Various Metal Products for Diverse Markets

REE-Magnesium Inc, a CVMR® Texas Company, is deliberately positioned to support the strategic needs of aligned governments and corporations.


Manufacturing Through 
Proprietary Processes:

  • High-value metal powders
  • Nano-powders
  • Subnano-powders
  • Net shapes
  • Super-alloys

Recycling Waste Into
New Products

Manufacturing graphene
from CO2, and/or CH4

Produces Products For
Final Consumption

Without a need for further
enhancement or processing

Our processes and technologies have many applications that serve a variety of industries, in addition to the metal refining industry. By varying the process parameters at the end of the refining, a wide range of metal forms are created, such as:

  • The production of pure metal powders and metal foams, used for batteries, catalysts, capacitors, or for alloys, which require ultra-pure metals.
  • Production of graphene and graphite for use in batteries, net shapes, desalination plants, construction materials, and other industrial applications
  • The application of pure metal coatings on a wide range of substrates, including non-metallic materials such as powders, fibers, resins, composites, polymers, ceramics, and metallic coatings inside porous substrates.
  • The production of solid metal net shapes and mould inserts directly on the master with perfect replication. These tool inserts require no polishing.
  • The manufacture of seamless net shapes, such as uniformly deformable cans (“HIP cans”) used for isostatic pressing.
  • The production of nickel moulds made for the manufacture of plastic light-wave guides, for hand-held computer touch screens. These use etched silicon wafers as the master forms.
  • The manufacture of thin nickel parts as fuel cell focusing devices for NASA’s deep space program.

The increasing need for metals to be produced efficiently and in an environmentally-friendly method reinforces the value of REE-Magnesium Inc and CVMR®’s processes and technologies. For these reasons, we have gained a leading position in metal refining and is recognized as a company offering unique and valuable solutions to the mining and metal refining industry.

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