REE-Magnesium Inc. is a CVMR® Texas Company


REE-Magnesium Inc, a CVMR® Texas Company, operates a portfolio of unique processes and techniques that have been developed over the past 30 years.

REE-Magnesium Inc and CVMR® have near 100 years in collective experience in recovery, separation, and refining of metals from ores, concentrates, mattes, slurries, and waste.

Our operations are fully integrated, from the mineral sources to the end-user products. Our main processes are proprietary Carbonyl and other proprietary Vapour Metallurgical processes. CVMR® has transformed industry practices to eliminate the environmentally damaging processes. CVMR® processes have zero impact on the environment, taking a mineral source, and processing through to end-user products.

Our primary process, vapour metallurgy, refines various metals by chemically vaporizing them close to atmospheric pressure and relatively low temperatures. Uniquely, REE-Magnesium Inc can manufacture various metal powders and metal parts as part of the same process, producing finished products for end-user markets. REE-Magnesium Inc’s Refineries will be pollution-free and entirely environmentally neutral. These plants are hermetically sealed, and all the gases used in its various processes of vaporizing metals recycle into new products. We do not melt the metals as done in the usual smelting process. Our refineries are modularly constructed to provide a high degree of flexibility to meet demand.

To further support the Renewable Energy Market, REE-Magnesium Inc utilizes CVMR® coal conversion technologies to produce graphene and graphite used in the manufacture of Super-Capacitors, Super-Conductors, rechargeable batteries and armoured plates.

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